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Mortgage Website Samples

We make it our purpose to ensure you look the best online. Loan Site Plus™ has an expanding library of mortgage website designs to choose from. We are frequently adding new and updated selections.
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Curb Appeal Importance

Curb Appeal

197 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Any Home

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Curb appeal is a phrase describing the exterior view of your home that buyers experience when driving past.

Ask yourself these questions:

* If you were seeing the house and yard for the first time, what would be your first impression?

* What do you consider the best exterior features of your home? What can you do to help them stand out?

* What do you consider the worst exterior features? What can you do improve them or eliminate them?

* Walk towards the house, and take note of what you see. Is the path clean and tidy? Is the driveway clear of gravel or rocks?

* Take a good look at your property's appearance and then begin making a list of all the positive and negative that you find.

* Try taking pictures in both in color and then black and white. It might become easier to see problems if the color isn't there to affect your senses.

You'll soon have your house looking and feeling the way you and potential buyers find pleasing!

197 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Any Home

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Mortgage Website Design and Tools - Demo Site

Although the Loan Site Plus is easy and pretty much self-explanatory, we know there are some of you that like to "test-ride" before making that buying decision.

Give us a call toll free at 877.201.3060 and we'll have a representative walk you through an actual demo account on the phone.

Use the contact form below to if you would like us to contact you. We'll be happy to discuss our site packages in detail with you.

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