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Mortgage Website Samples

We make it our purpose to ensure you look the best online. Loan Site Plus™ has an expanding library of mortgage website designs to choose from. We are frequently adding new and updated selections.
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Mortgage Marketing

Mortgage Marketing

Mortgage marketing has three major avenues to it: sales and management, processing and underwriting and Closing and Escrow management. Mortgage banks are bigger and professional lenders compared to the mortgage brokers. The Loan Officer or the Loan Originator undertakes the predominant or the 'pro-active' part of the mortgage marketing.

The loan officer has to market the mortgage lending products effectively. He chooses the target market, creates and executes a sales plan that will bring generate sales, bring in revenue to the firm and also helps the customer satisfy his housing needs to the hilt. For effective mortgage marketing, he uses helpful tools like the contact database, brochures, direct mails etc.

The intention is to make the borrower feel happy for having chosen the right mortgage bank and product. To be skillful in the field of mortgage marketing, you ought to have a success driven personality. Every one wants a home; a bigger home, a better home or smarter deals in refinancing existing home loans. A Loan Officer is determined to help people and serve them to their best interest. Everyone can sell the same products, how you market yourself in a better manner and sell creatively makes the difference. If you want to be an ace in mortgage marketing, then you should look beyond your technical competence and aim for the big picture-helping the customer get the best!

The second aspect in mortgage marketing pertains to the underwriting department. An underwriter collects the detailed paperwork required for loan approval. He is knowledgeable about loan programs and an expert in customer service skills. He is adept enough to underwrite a loan as he or she develops confidence to process the loan quickly through for approval and closing. He works as a partner to the loan officer. So if the latter go all out to get the best prospects for the business, the underwriter, with his problem-solving skills, sees to it that business is maintained and customer service is achieved. Both are vital for mortgage marketing. Finally it is for the underwriter to decide whether a particular loan product can be granted or if some other options can be given to the customer.

The third aspect of the mortgage marketing, though not marketing in the strict sense of the word, is of the Closing and Escrow Management. The closer or Escrow Officer closes the loan transaction and transfers the property formally from one entity to another. He ensures that the title can be legally transferred from one individual to another and aids the customer with the process to close the settlement.

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